Cape Town — A 76-year-old women, who has been living at a senior assisted center for the last 4 years, recently happened upon amazing good fortune and is suddenly receiving love from all of her children.

When Debbie Lewis tragically lost her husband 4 years ago, none of her 14 children jumped at the opportunity to take her in during her final years. They collectively thought it would be a better idea to put their mother in a retirement home rather than dealing with the effort of caring for Debbie themselves.

In 2013 Debbie began to struggle with her body’s inability to do normal daily activities and errands. Being recently widowed she was now dealing with the added stress of doing everything all alone.

“Debbie was in need of help from her family, to think that loving old lady took very good care of 14 kids and got no help in return is saddening,” Marie Levy, Debbie’s neighbor at the time, told CBCNews.

Debbie’s children see things in a very different light, saying “she was losing her mind” and “needed professional help.” Debbie’s youngest son was the only one to visit her during her 4 years at the senior assisted center.

But that has all changed now…

For better or worse, that all changed one fateful evening at the retirement home. While catching up with relatives online, Debbie stumbled upon an article on a reputable gaming site offering up to R4000 bonus, guaranteed win for new players from South Africa on signup.

“I was on Facebook browsing through pictures of old friends and relatives. That’s when I saw a interesting article that was telling me I had up R4000 at I’m not usually one to gamble, but I thought why not, what do I have to lose, it’s another sleepless night anyway. So I did it, claimed the Bonus but failed to win anything.”

“I thought of calling off for the night,but somehow I got a strange feeling that my luck will get better if I give it another go.I made another R200 deposit to get the rest of the bonus and I will call it a day after I have exhausted all my spins.”

And then – 3 minutes and 27 spins later – something astonishing happened. Flashing across the screen of her old android smartphone the numbers R327,249 suddenly appeared. Without knowing it at the time, Debbie had just won the progressive jackpot on – winning over 15x her annual pension in seconds.

“A whole bunch of numbers just popped up on my screen, I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many numbers” Debbie giggled. “Seriously though, I didn’t expect to win, and it’s more money than I ever would’ve dreamt of. It still hasn’t sunk in yet.”

Which begs the question, what is a woman her age doing on Facebook?

“All us old folks have been reconnecting on Facebook these days, my caretaker Larry signed me up and I’ve reached a lot of my old friends,” Debbie says as she smiles.

In her 76 years on this earth, Debbie has never had as much financial freedom as she does now, and her children are quickly latching their hooks onto her wagon. All 14 of Debbie’s children have visited her in the last week, which seems quite curious to say the least, considering their mother now has over R320,000.00 in the bank.

Debbie no longer wants to be a part of her children’s lives and vows to donate the money to a cause for the elderly when she passes. She doesn’t think her 14 children deserve it, and she’s felt that way for a long time.

“Many of us old folks are often neglected by our families and forgotten by society. When I leave this world I hope my donations can help bring some joy to other elderly people in situations similar to mine. An old biddy like me doesn’t need all this money and I sure can’t take it with me!”

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